Week Without Walls 2019 

Theme: Education.  Sub themes; Visual Arts- Performing Arts-Sports-Design-IT-Literature-Hygiene & Child   Protection

 One the week starting 24th February the students of Y7-8-9 &10 have been Investigating-Planning-Reflecting and Demonstrating their learning all through the middle school. You could literally ‘hear’ them being busy. We had visitors from UNICEF coming in to explain the right to Education and the importance of education. Then the students, who had been able to choose from a range of sub-themes within education, went back to their rooms to reflect upon the session and find out more about the sustainable goals of the UN.   

It has been very exciting to see the children taking the lead in the activities and being so caring towards others. If you want to see and hear them, please log on to KICS learns and go to secondary, you will find a button that says WWW- you will be able to find podcasts from all 7 groups. Most of the materials used during this week is recycled and we are looking into how  much a water-tank costs to use the money of the street fayer to  donate to one of the three partner schools. Some of our old computers are being prepared for donation and students are writing up tutorials for the students who will receive them. This Thursday the students have organized a sports/visual arts event that will take place at the JB gardens. Students from our partner schools will come as well and we hope to get to know the students a little bit better to continue to be able to assist in education. There is much more that has been done this week, the pictures say it all.