Thailand Trip

The trip: Khartoum - Dubai - Bangkok - Chiang Mai. 31 hours from door to door. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY.

We started our journey on a Thursday. It was the first time that we were leaving from school after a hard day of studying. It worked out really well and before we knew it we were eating sticky rice with Mango. 

On the first day we went climbing. Students and teachers faced their fear of height and managed to climb to the top on several occasions and on more challenging climbing courses with overhangs and smaller grips. 

Day 2

It was the day we met the gentle giants. They were very friendly and liked to be fed, they could not stop eating banana’s, rice, sugar cane, corn, and bamboo. It was a remarkable experience and the mud did not only look good on the elephants. 

After a thorough shower students went shopping at the Walking street market. Lots of souvenirs were bought and students managed to try some different foods. 


Day 3 - Old city Adventure.

The 32 students split up in 6 groups to discover the Thai culture and the old city of Chiang Mai. Lots of walking and talking to tourists and monks to complete the scavenger hunt challenge. In the evening the students enjoyed the Khantoke Dinner and the Cultural Performance. 

Day 4 - Kayak tour 5km

On day four we left our base camp to start our little Kayak adventure on the beautiful lake of the Mae Ngat Dam. When we finally arrived at the boat house the energy level sparked as the floating slides were a big success. 

We spent the night at a lovely little coconut farm and enjoyed the lovely sunset. 

Day 5 - Community service; Mud bricks 

It seems that these year 12’s love the mud, as mud was not only used for the bricks but also used to decorate each others faces and clothes. 

The bricks are meant for a second building for a small school in the Chiang Mai region. Currently there are 51 students cramped into one small building. We managed to build 88 bricks and hopefully the building can be completed in the near future so the students will have more space to learn and play. 

Day 6 - High ropes and Eagle Track Zipline

Challenging for many but very rewarding in the end. The fear of heights had to be put aside during these two activities. Showing the skill of balancing at 10M high at times was quite scary for some. Everybody showed perseverance and pushed their own limits as they all completed the challenges. Well done KICS. Let’s go home. 

Mr. Gerben Silvis