IMYC’s Current Big Ideas

Adaptability:  Adaptability is demonstrated by the ability to change, alter or cope with new environments or circumstances.


Communication: When information is shared accurately and clearly, the end result is more effective.


Challenge: Facing up to or overcoming problems and barriers increases possibilities in our lives.



Our first Exit Point Work Day was this week! In the IMYC Process of Learning, the Exit Point is the final step in the cycle. The Exit Point is a student-driven project which allows learners to demonstrate their personal understanding of the Big Idea. Similar to each stage of the IMYC Process of Learning, The Exit Point is designed with the intention of supporting the adolescent brain. The Exit Point is an opportunity for our learners to make meaning of The Big Idea, take risks in a safe learning environment and collaborate with their peers. 


In groups of 2 or 3, learners developed their topic linked to The Big Idea by using a planning document. They engaged with their topic by considering different perspectives, learner profile attributes and formulating research questions. Learners conducted primary and secondary research to present during their Exit Point. You are invited to see the final products on Wednesday, October 9th. More information will be sent in the next Secondary School Bulletin. 


Amanda Hart