Moving up Assembly

Congratulations to Year 6 for successfully completing Primary school! This is a big step in the life of a child, as it marks the transition from the ‘younger years of learning’ to the more independent, peer-based environment of Middle or Secondary school. 


It has been a challenging last year of Primary for these students.  Since December, they have witnessed the political situation unfold. This has been both exciting, as well as concerning as they face much uncertainty, including some having to leave KICS and others missing friends who have not yet been able to return. Through it all, the students have grown tremendously. Life has a way of teaching us the most important lessons of all. Words that come to mind when I think of Year 6 are: flexible, resilient, risk takers, determined 


Congratulations as well to Year 6 parents and families. The children have accomplished so much because of your support, love and dedication. 


Have a wonderful summer holiday!