Spirit Week

Between the 15th and the 19th of September, Student Council planned a successful Spirit Week full of activities and created an enjoyable atmosphere throughout the Secondary Section. STUCO remained active on social media and thank everyone for participating!

Sloppy Sunday: Everyone came in wearing pyjamas and brought a pillow to join the pillow fight outside the cafeteria.

Monochrome Monday: Every outfit consisted mainly of one colour and many students came to watch the rap battle in the library.

Twin Tuesday: We set up a three-legged race for students with matching outfits outside the cafeteria.

Wild Wednesday: The students wore what they believed was wild or crazy. Instead of an activity STUCO sold popcorn during break.

Traditional Thursday: The whole school participated in the Flag Raising Ceremony, everyone wore their traditional clothing to represent their country. In the library, STUCO ran a flag-mania quiz to conclude the busy week.