Venice Art Trip

The Venice trip was an amazing experience where we all got to learn a lot, while simultaneously having an immense amount of fun. Italy-Venice more specifically, had always been a place I’d dreamed of going to. Every single part of the trip was perfect… the food, the people, the amazing supervisors, the Biennale to name a few. It was one of my favorite, if not my favorite trips I have ever been on. Going on trips is always really exciting because you are able to understand other parts of the world a bit more… it gives you such a different perspective of everything. The special thing about school trips however, is that you get to discover new things with people that you are already familiar with. One thing I’ve always loved, is that you get close to people that you see every day, but don’t have a strong relationship with… you get to see a different side of them. A huge thank you to Ms. Linda and Mr. Lawrence for making this trip as successful as it was, it certainly won’t be forgotten!


Written by: Layla McDaid (Yr 10 Student)