The ISTA London HS Festival

The ISTA London HS Festival was a celebration of bringing a diverse group of students, teachers, and artistic team members from around the world into one place at Egham. Our students from Khartoum International Community School took part in this program to immerse themselves in an experience where they can learn about theatre and through theatre; develop cultural literacy and capital interaction between people, place and perspective; to bring people – educators, artists and young people – together in the spirit of collaboration regardless of age, nationality and experience in international minded environment.

This 3-day program had been amazing and everyone was geared up during the festival. The ISTA Festival program offers students an immersive event, acting as a fantastic resource for further explorations of the course back in school. Everyone was engaging and every participant with the philosophy of the program, students mix with other schools and work alongside professional artists and directors on creative tasks and exercises. It helped our students with the tools and strategies required for managing their own learning in drama, stuff they use throughout the rest of the course.