How to Apply

KICS welcomes applications throughout the academic year (August- May) and during the summer break (June- July).

Applications are processed during the academic year provided that a vacancy is available in the prospective year group. In case a vacancy is not available, the application will be moved to the KICS Waiting List and the family will be notified if a vacancy becomes available.

How Do I Apply For a Place at KICS?

Step 1: Information
- Check the school's website:
- Contact the Admissions Director via email at ( to request an Information Pack and more information about the registration procedure.
- Contact the Admissions Director if you are in Khartoum to set an appointment to visit the school, have a campus tour and receive more information.
- If possible, speak to other parents of children already enrolled at KICS.

Step 2: Application
To apply to KICS, please contact the Admissions Director via email ( to request the KICS Online Application Form. You will also be asked to submit all the necessary application requirements.

Upon receipt of your child’s complete application file, the Admissions Director will contact you again to confirm availability of a vacancy and to give you further information on how your child’s application will be processed.

Step 3: Admissions Assessments
As per KICS Admissions Policy, all applicants (Little KICS – Year 12) will be assessed prior a confirmed place is offered at KICS.

The admissions assessments have two components:
1. An assessment of previous school history (reports, transcripts, reference letters and/or other documentation).
2. An assessment of readiness and academic ability either locally at KICS campus or overseas in the case of overseas applications for Year 3 and above. More information will be provided by the Admissions Director.