SAT COVID Testing Protocols at KICS

In addition to SAT rules and regulations for entering a test centre (ID, test ticket, etc), our KICS on-campus Covid-19 protocols include the following in order to keep all test-takers and administration safe:

1. All test-takers must bring and wear a mask.
2. All students will be subject to a temperature check and symptom check (eg coughing) before entering campus. If you fail the screening you will not be allowed onto campus and will need to reschedule. 
3. Test-takers must bring their own pencils, sharpeners, erasers. None will be provided by the test centre.
4. Hands must be washed upon entering the test centre.
5. Hands must be washed during the breaks in the test. Masks must be worn throughout the whole time on campus.
6. Test-takers must exit campus immediately upon finishing the test.