Infants Library

Children’s books today are exciting, informative, imaginative resources designed to encourage a love of books and reading. A children’s library should do the same. At KICS all that goes on in the Infant library, be it story telling, quiet reading or learning how to use the library is focused on that goal.
Our Infant Library has over 8,012 resources. These range from Picture books to Reference books. Arabic, Spanish, French and several of our students’ home languages are catered for as well. EBOOKS are also a valued part of the Infant collection.
Students come to the library twice a week during lesson times and Years 1 and 2 can also come during Fatour. When appropriate, students visit the library on their own enabling them to gain the confidence which will prepare them for their move to the Junior Section. Parents are encouraged to share in the enjoyment of books and facilities of the Infant Library with their children from
until 3.30pm.