Guidance Counsellor

My name is Lyla Elizabeth Philip and I am the KICS Guidance Counsellor. As the K-12 counsellor I am looking forward to getting to know our students and becoming a part of the KICS community.
I have worked within the IB system for the past 17 years and I am a strong supporter of the curriculum as I believe it provides the best framework to develop the well-balanced citizens for today.

I graduated with a BSc( Hons) in International Relations from LSE and worked in Human Resources in London prior to leaving the UK to enter international education. I travelled with my family and have lived and worked in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and most recently in Tanzania. I have two children, both of whom graduated from the IB and are now working. I started as a College & Careers Counsellor, taught ESL classes and have counselled students at all levels, Primary to High School. I have an M.Ed in International Schools Counselling from Lehigh University, along with ESL certification and College & Careers Guidance.

I enjoy travelling, reading, learning about new cultures and people. Cooking used to be a passion but I am trying to swap that for a more active lifestyle. Hiking, swimming, scuba diving, skiing and the latest, sky-diving, albeit tandem, are my current interests.

My office is in the Secondary Section next to the Modern Language Department classrooms. My email is