Counseling services

The College Counsellors are Mrs.Samia Omar and Mrs. Reem Heakal. Both have had professional and certified training, and have most recently attended the College Board’s Summer Institute for International Counsellors in New York. 

Mrs.Samia has an MSc in Political Sociology and Mrs Reem Heakal has an MA in Political Science/International Relations. Both are members of the International Association for College Admission Counseling (IACAC).

The CCO works closely with the Principal, Head of Section, IBDP Coordinator and Homeroom Teachers to provide tailored and personalised counselling service to KICS students. 

The scope of the College Counselling Programme is communicated to the community through regular school channels plus individual parent and student meetings. The College Counsellors writes a monthly comment for the Year 12 and Year 13' s in every grade sheet. 

Our Aim
The aim is to provide the best possible advice to students and parents from an early stage in order to create a personalised road map for each student. We work from a top-bottom approach, meaning we identify career aspirations, then university aspirations, and subsequent IB Diploma Options.

Counselling is conducted through regularly scheduled individual student meetings plus group meetings led by College Counsellors.

IB students are faced with a great deal of pressure and time management challenges. We aim to ease this pressure with regular and personalised advice, time management plans and frequent communication between students, parents and teachers.

We send students to prestigious universities all over the globe including the UK, the USA, Canada, the Middle East, Holland and Australia. We strive to find the ‘Best-Fit’ institution for our students and their families. 

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