Service Learning and Community Service

Service Learning

Environment + Social Awareness + Ethical treatment of Animals = Global awareness + Connecting with the country we live in → Sudan

As part of the fundamental philosophy of the school and an embedded concept of the IB programme, KICS students and faculty strive to make a difference to the local community in Khartoum and further afield.  

What is Service learning?
1. Curricular connections establishing intrinsic motivation within the whole community to care.  
2. Extending the awareness and connecting it with the ‘Real world’.

Action and service outreach is achieved through:
- Curricular connections
- “Week without Walls”
- Student Council
- Extra Curricular Activities – service programme
- Outdoor Education
- English training and establishing relations within this community
- Action Group Initiatives
-  Recycling Projects
- PYP Exhibition (Y6)
- Personal Service Learning Projects (Y10)
- Creativity Action & Service (Y12 & Y13)

Service Learning Design Circle -  Strategies for success with 21st century learning by Cathryn Burger/ adopted by IB

To have an impact and to make a difference, small or big, we need to listen,investigate, find out about the real needs and connect. It must be something we experience and it must be something that we can continue to do. Students are guided in their learning and Students teaching English to students from Afhad University in Khartoum.
We have partnered up with three local schools. We visit the schools regularly to check up on how their doing and how we can work together with them Service learning works two ways as we learn from the students and teacher and they can learn from us. This year some students are planning to take action for their CAS projects and their Personal Service Learning projects. Students from our partner schools will be invited to sports competitions and this way we hope to get a longer lasting relationship going.

Community Service

During the year we also offer our 'one off' help when needed. We ask for donations during Ramadan, we run a swimathon and students swim for raising money for different institutions. We organize a street fair and all the money is going into buying products for charity organizations.