Students experience a range of opportunities within the classroom to develop their leadership skills but we have several key leadership positions for Primary Students.

The Primary Student Council has representatives from each class (Years 2-6). The representatives serve as the link between the classrooms and the Primary Student Council. PSC representatives organise events throughout the year and receive training from a teacher mentor. As such, they are the leaders of student action.  The Primary Student Council supports Kids for Kids ( and Mygoma Orphanage.

The Primary School also has elected Team Captains and Vice Captains who represent the four House Teams at KICS (Crocodiles, Lions, Dolphins and Scorpions). Extramural events are organized throughout the year in which the four teams compete.


Student Leadership is a cornerstone of the Senior Section at KICS.

The lynchpin of student leadership is our Leadership curriculum, taught as a class. At KICS, we believe that all students are capable of becoming leaders in their chosen fields and that leadership skills, while inherent in some students, can be learnt and improved. All students in Years 7-11 have classes in Leadership as part of their curriculum.

The Leadership curriculum is supplemented by a number of positions of responsibility where students have the opportunity to hone and improve their leadership skills.

The Seniors Student Council (STUCO) is a democratically elected body of students with representatives from each class (Years 7-13). The student representatives act as the link between the student body and STUCO. STUCO has its own constitution and procedures with a number of committees that oversee aspects of STUCO’s activity. STUCO’s function is to bring student ideas and concerns to the school administration as well as helping to coordinate events throughout the year. A teacher acts as an advisor to STUCO. The Senior Student Council supports Kids for Kids (, Mygoma Orphanage and other local charities.

There are House Team Captains and Vice-captains that help to run the house teams. These students are chosen by the Head of Seniors in conjunction with faculty. The House Captains help to organize teams for House competitions and events and act as role models during events, often assisting teachers with the running of events.

In addition, other leadership positions in Seniors include community service committee representatives and library assistants.