Our Technology Resources

 At KICS Information Technology is used for education; to promote the meaningful use of technology to support student learning. KICS provides the digital facilities for teachers and students to share information, support productivity and proficiency, allow school administrators to manage the school effectively, and support communications among stakeholders on and off campus.


Our existing infrastructure:

Computing and Communications

•    Network -All instructional spaces, administration office, library and other infrastructure of the school are connected via a fibre optic backbone supporting a 100 Mbps LAN.
•    Servers -The school's network is powered by a collection of eight servers.
•    Tablets/Laptops -The school has over 200 student and staff tablets and laptops spread across all divisions and departments.
•    Wireless Access -All instructional spaces, administration offices, library and student areas of the school access the network resources on the servers through exterior access points.
•    Internet -School-wide access to the Internet is available through a dedicated 4 Mbps Fiber link.

Applications and Systems

•    School Management System -We use Edadmin, a web-based integrated school information and management system for student admissions, student attendance, student reporting, school finance, community access, and more....
•    Web Page -The school has an informative website - it is user friendly and content rich.
•    Year Level Web Sites - Each year level from LK - Year 6 maintains a year level website designed to keep parents informed and up to date on classroom activities and practice.
•    Library Management System -Oliver is our web based library service encompassing cataloging, circulation, inventory, and public access catalog capabilities. The database allows us to track patrons, titles, usage data, and collection development in order to optimize our services for students, teachers and families in the most cost-effective manner possible.
•    Educational Software -The school has a growing collection of adopted educational software to facilitate the integration of technology in all subjects at the school.
•    eLearning -The school uses Moodle as it’s primary platform for online course management. Classes and subjects use a hybrid model to support learning and provide classroom resources. We also offer an elective online course in ICT in the senior school.

Technical Support Services

Dedicated technical support personnel are available during the school's working hours to provide technical support. Timeliness and efficiency of technical support are being continually enhanced.

IT Curriculum and Professional Development

K-12 technology education standards have been developed, and we have begun to lay the foundations of a strong and exemplary technology integration program at KICS.

User Policies

Network policies provide students and staff with the guidelines for the use of technology systems in the school.