The Arts are an essential part of a student’s life at KICS and we are lucky to have such rich support from our enlightened Principal Mr. Nigel. The Fine Arts Department is totally committed to fostering student development in the three Arts subjects, those being Visual Art, Music and Drama. It is a myth to state that one has to be talented to succeed in any of the Arts subjects. With hard work and enthusiasm, almost anybody can gain a good degree of success and enjoyment from any of the Arts subjects. It is well worth pointing out that the Arts subjects are well regarded by universities and employers for the creative thinking skills they develop in students.

The Drama productions are sophisticated and offer many opportunities for the students whether in acting or as stage crew. IB Diploma students are also often involved to gain credit for their CAS portfolios and do something enjoyable and useful. The most recent production was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory that contained a cast taken from both Sections of our school. The Music productions centre around the annual ‘Radio Show Live’ and the ‘Variety Show’ but there are also countless fatour recitals and tours to other nations where our Silver KICS Band has entertained many people in Addis Ababa and Cairo, in recent years, with a tour planned to Norway in 2016.

In Visual Arts over the years, we have welcomed visiting artists such as Hassan Musa in 2015, and within the last two years we have introduced the Visiting Artists scheme that sees local artists visit the Art Department to conduct workshops and give interviews to interested students. In addition, we have recently formed a very strong link with the famous Rashid Diab Arts and Cultural Centre in Khartoum. Art trips go to that venue as well as to the National Museum and the KICS Riding School. There are two major exhibitions in the Senior Section each year displaying work by our senior students, one for the students in Years 7 to 11 and the other for the IB Diploma Visual Arts students.

There are extra-curricular Art activities throughout the year with an emphasis on crating original work for local hospitals and other charities that try to improve the lives of children with illnesses and/or disabilities. IB Diploma students are also involved in these projects and earn credit for their CAS portfolios. We can offer a wide range of materials and processes including painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, mixed-media and 3D work.

Theatrical productions are always lively and well-attended. Students, staff, parents and members of the wider community have all contributed to these productions helping to make them the successes they have been. Central to the ethos of Drama at KICS is the ensemble approach that values each student’s individual contribution and also provides all students with opportunities for growth and enrichment. We strive fir professional excellence but recognise the production and performance processes as equally important. There is equal emphasis placed on Writing/Devising, Directing, Acting and Technical Theatre experience for our students.

We have good facilities in Music encompassing studios and a recording studio. is possible to pursue several different types of musical interests in the KICS Instrumental Tuition Programme (ITP) such as solo tuition in the guitar, voice, piano as well as participating in the KICS Silver Band or the KICS Bronze Band. We provide well over 100 hours of ITP lessons each week. Now in its 9th year, it provides students with from Year 2 to Year 13 with great opportunities to develop their music-playing skills and interests. Lessons last for half an hour each with a qualified teacher of a particular instrument. The Department has a good supply of instruments and students on the ITP programme can borrow from the supply that includes the following: flute, oboe, alto saxophone, clarinet, tenor saxophone, trumpet, cornet, French horn, trombone, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass guitar, percussion, violin and cello. ITP lessons take place in the music studios and are also open to parents and staff.

The bands play in public and the concerts that are given each year include playing at Ozone restaurant, the annual Radio Show Live, the Variety show, and the prize-giving day at the end of the academic year. These concerts are in addition to the performances at various embassies and the Silver band has been in action at the EU Delegation, and the Chinese Embassy in recent years.