Professional Standards

The Performance Review and Staff Development framework is integral to the School Development Planning process. It recognises the significant skills, abilities and experience of teachers at KICS and will foster their continuing professional development.  The goal being to provide all pupils with the highest quality learning and teaching.

The aims of the Performance Review and Staff  Development framework are:
- To recognise the contribution of teaching faculty to meeting the mission of KICS.
- To increase the quality of pupil learning through the development of staff potential.
- To provide experiences designed to contribute to the personal and professional development of members of staff.
- To co-ordinate individual and whole school Professional Development to respond to the needs of the School and to meet the challenges of a
- To encourage the development of a true, all-encompassing, learning community.

The professional standards for teachers at KICS are set out on the School’s Performance Review Framework and are laid out under the following headings:
- Professional Knowledge
- Inquiry Based Teaching
- Instructional Delivery
- Assessing for Learning
- Creating the Environment for Learning
- Professionalism and Communication
- Professional Growth and Leadership